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What Clients Are Saying:

"When I started counselling I was experiencing a lot of turmoil and self-doubt. I really didn't know where or how to start the process of unpicking my emotional tangled mess. 

You listened and made me feel heard. At the end of every session I felt I had uncovered a little more of the root problem and then I'd have tools to use in between sessions to explore the discovery in my own time.

The whole experience has left me more certain of my values, boundaries and ability to communicate both effectively.

I wish I had sought out talking therapy sooner! 

Thank you Joanne!"

"Thankyou for all your time and the amazing support you have given me over the past few months. I feel as though I have been on a journey and you have been inspiring, so easy to talk to and helped me smile again. I truly appreciate the confidence you have showed me. You're amazing!" 

“I am so glad we decided to start therapy with Joanne. She is warm,
approachable and pragmatic in her approach. She really helped us to navigate the difficulties in our relationship with respect and care. Y
ou can tell she is passionate about what she does, and is extremely good at
communicating behaviours and emotions in a simplified way, which made it easy to translate to our circumstance. Joanne allowed us space and time to
work through our difficulties and the process has helped to improve our
relationship and bring us closer again. Would recommend Joanne to anyone”.

"Thankyou so much for your help and support. I don't know if I would have been able to deal with things the way I did if I hadn't spent the last 6 weeks seeing you. I'm looking ahead, not behind me and it is huge thanks to you that I think like that now, I'm so grateful." 

"Thankyou for all the support and no judgment over the past 7 or 8 months. Speaking with you has made a massive difference to my life & I finally feel as if I am getting my life back on track. You have no idea how thankful I am." 

"I was having some difficulties with my mum, the sessions were extremely helpful and allowed us both to speak about our
feelings in an open, non-judgemental environment. The sessions gave us
both space and time to express how we felt, without interruption. Joanne
helped us to work through our difficulties by breaking down barriers linked to the past and understanding how behaviours and emotions impacted us.

It was particularly helpful to reflect at the start of each session to understand
what we had learned and could take forward from previous sessions".

"Thank you so much, I am very grateful for everything you have done to help me feel better in myself, and uinderstanding that it wasn't my fault and I am not to blame for what happened. Am so grateful, I do feel much better that I have been able to speak and get that off my chest. Thank you..."

"When I first came to counselling I didn't realise how stressed I had been and how bad things had got for me. Joanne helped me see I had been through a really tough time and that my anxiety was about everything. Then I was able to understand myself a bit better.  "
“I recently came to counselling about my husband dying and through counselling quickly realised I hadn't grieved for my Mum or Dad or my sister. Joanne was so supportive and her counselling really helped me get through it ”

"I have found the sessions really helpful. I have gained a lot of understanding and I have always felt very comfortable during our sessions." 

"I found the sessions incredibly useful at reframing and understanding my
thoughts and the patterns of thinking and acting that led me to those thoughts. I was keen to go back to childhood and adolescence when my dad
died to understand why I felt the way I did and I found the chair work particularly helpful for tapping Into that. I also found recommendations for
reading and listening helpful as this encouraged me to reflect and process between sessions.

I changed my mindset around crying and showing emotion and being vulnerable and I now try act In a way that is much more empathetic to others and compassionate towards myself.

In particular I have Understood where my need for perfectionism comes from and now remind myself daily that
‘It doesn’t need to be perfect’.

I am now putting myself first and finding more joy In the everyday- saying yes to things that serve me and no
to things that don’t."

"Our twelve year old son has struggled to control his emotions often displaying angry outbursts and showing many anxious behaviours. 


Joanne has been amazing, supportive, reassuring and taught us all so much! 

Life at home has became much more manageable, less anxious and much calmer." 

I initially sought Joanne out for my anxiety ridden teenager, she had been prescribed propanol and I didn’t feel medicine was the best route for her. How right I was. A few months under Joanne’s counsel and the difference is palpable. I cannot describe how much these sessions have benefitted her and more importantly taught her how to manage her feelings moving forward. I cannot recommend this lady enough! 

"I would like to thank Joanne very much for her time and compassion whilst providing counselling to my teenage daughter. Joanne was very professional and caring. She made my daughter feel very comfortable and my daughter built up a great rapport with Joanne immediately. I noticed a difference within a few sessions, she became more confident and was able to discuss issues that she previously felt she couldn't understand and didn't know how to deal with them."

"He has not had a major explosion since he started seeing you. 

He is still quiet but is expressing his feelings verbally more. 

He is more loving and accepting love more too."

"At first I remember it was quite hard to talk about the hard things because it made me feel worse, and that WAS THE HARDEST thing but I noticed when I was done talking about it, I noticed my mood was higher than it was before I came before my session. And generally, my mood got better after the third session and a little better every time.


It was helpful to have someone to explain everything to and try and come up with solutions, I found it interesting understanding why I was feeling sad , and when I was feeling sad later on by myself, I could think about what we had been talking about and it made me feel a bit better. 


Some weeks we were talking about the past but some weeks we talked about my anxiety around future events and were waiting for those to happen. Afterward we would talk about what happened and how I felt. It was helpful to talk about things before they happened and this made me feel less anxious when they did. And then if I had a panic attack we could talk about what triggered it and sometimes we had prepared for things by doing visualization, and this was helpful.


Doing chairwork helped me figure some things out and work out how I felt.


It has been a really helpful process for me and I would say to people to maybe think about getting a therapist" 

"She was really happy with your service and felt that she got the help she needed at the time. I know from speaking to her that you helped her clear her head and make priorities.

We would have no hesitation in coming to you again if we needed to."

"Thank you so much to Joanne for the support you have given me these past few months, I am extremely grateful, I feel so much better than the first day I started, am able to think more positive things, speaking to you has made a massive impact and made me feel so much better in myself. Am truly thankful for everything you;ve done."

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about me

Joanne is a Person-Centred and Emotion Focussed Counselling Psychotherapist. She specialises in helping people reduce their anxiety and achieve their personal goals by offering talking therapy which helps clients motivate themselves, get in touch with their feelings, identify their direction and grow into it at their own pace.

Adults and young people (4-18) in-person in Stepps, and online.

Get in touch to find out more about how Joanne can help you soon. 

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Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire and Online

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