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counselling for children and young people

Joanne has specialised training, expertised experience and is

Certified (COSCA Validated) in:

* Non-directive play-therapy > 4

* Counselling Children and Young people (4-18)

* Emotional-literacy (4-18)

Joanne has also worked with children and young people for over 25 years, has developed expertised talking skills and created different ways to offer therapeutic counselling and talking or play connection to young people aged 4 to 18 years old, with effective rapidity.

Q. What is counselling or talking therapy?

A.  It should be:

  • listening and talking

  • safe

  • calm

  • helpful

  • empowering

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Being a young person is not always easy and sometimes things can be difficult, maybe even very difficult. When lots of difficult things pile on top of each other, it can feel just too much. Many children are going to counselling to help them with difficult stuff like: 

  • school

  • school-work

  • playing sports

  • home

  • arguments with friends

  • trouble getting on with brothers and sisters

  • parents

  • social media

  • bullying

  • loss of friends

  • loss

  • parental illness

  • parents separating

  • death of parent

  • abuse

  • feeling like they want to die

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Q.  How can counselling help?

A.    Joanne might help you by:

  • listening to what you want to talk about 

  • understanding what is difficult

  • seeing the difficult things in your way

  • using different ways to help you like:

listening and talking
hard rocks 
emotions work
talking chairs

drawing pictures

playing cards

Q. What is confidentiality?

A.    Counselling is confidential. This means whatever you tell Joanne she will not tell anyone, unless there is a safety problem. In counselling safety is very important and if Joanne thinks there is danger to you or someone else, she will talk to you and maybe need to ask someone to help. You can talk about anything in counselling, with anyone.

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Q.   Can I give feedback?

A.     Joanne likes feedback to help make your counselling the best for you and will ask you for your ideas about what might be helpful for you.

Counselling might make you feel better and things may feel less difficult.

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