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Person-centred counselling focusses on what the person (client) brings to the sessions to work with but some clients also want to know what experience their therapist brings. Some are not interested in experience but want to know how qualified they are, and some just feel

'it's the person that counts'.

Below are some of Joanne's relevant life experiences and academic qualifications that she brings with her to every client relationship.

Born 1973 - Lived Life experience



Mother (furry-friends also)





Caring accepting human

Compassionate Curiosity

NHS Occupational Health Counselling

Community Mental Health Counselling

Emotion Focussed Therapy Certificates Level 1 and 

Counselling Children and Young People Certificate

Registered BACP Member: 395370

MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy (with Distinction)  - Person-Centred Approach

COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate

NHS NES Trauma Skilled Practice Level 2 Certificate

MSc Psychology (with Merit) 

Emotion Works Practitioner Certificate

B.Ed. (Hons) Primary


Joanne has had a wide variety of training, effective practice and psychological research that she can integrate, bespoke to clients needs and requests.

Contact Joanne today to discuss yours.

A woman in a coat walking

Person-centred approach

Essentially, person-centred counselling is like a car journey: where the client is the driver choosing the directions and pointing out the sights in their issues. Joanne offers empathy, acceptance, curiosity and companionship on the journey and clients can be helped to appreciate their feelings of those sights and reach perspective from sharing them.

Chatting Over Coffee

Emotion-Focussed Therapy Techniques

Sometimes clients feel that many of their relationship issues are rooted in not being able to voice their needs clearly to other people in their lives. Sometimes clients have issues within themselves which are in conflict. Joanne uses emotion-focussed 'chairwork' effectively with clients to connect experiences and feelings to find resolve from within.

Germinated Plant

What has happened to you?

Many clients have had life experiences where they had no control, their needs were never met and this has resulted in behaviour and feeling patterns which are now difficult. Joanne helps clients to find another perspective on what has happened to them and clients can feel calmer and more empowered.


"Having never had counselling before I wasn’t sure what to expect. Joanne was very patient and allowed me to guide the sessions to discuss what I needed to, providing a safe and non judgemental environment for me todiscuss my concerns, whilst making me question and view things from all perspectives resulting in my having a wider understanding of some of the issues I had experienced. It also validated the fact that I was important and valuable too even if it didn’t always feel like it. I found the sessions extremely useful and am very grateful for the help I received. To say I am a different person now to the person who entered the room initially is completely true. I feel much more able to cope with day-to-day life now than I did a year ago. I can’t thank Joanne enough for her support."


"When I came to counselling I discovered that what I thought was causing my depression and anxiety wasn't what was causing it. Through talking to Joanne things got so much clearer and I find it easier to deal with things that would normally put me in a downward spiral. I did chair therapy and I'd highly recommend it. I felt empowered afterwards. I could feel it in my gut, heart and head. The release was like no other. Give it a go, you won't regret it. Joanne is an amazing person, she's very open and understanding. I really can't say enough good things about her!."


“I found particularly helpful the exploration of my different emotions and symptoms and getting a deeper understanding of how to recognise these, I gained the ability to recognise my perception of extreme stress as well as understand the impact of lack of
attention and focus. Joanne provided a wide variety of reading sources which allowed me to
work on these while at home.”
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